Mishibinijima Private Art Gallery
c/o James Simon
426 Lakeshore Road,
Wikwemikong, Ontario
Manitoulin Island
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Viewing by Appointments Only:
SEPTEMBER 1969 - $ 7.00 per square inch...
SEPTEMBER 2016 - $63.50 per square inch
SEPTEMBER 2017 - $64.00 per square inch
SEPTEMBER 2018 - $64.50 per square inch

Native Contemporary Art by Mishibinijima always stayed $ 7.00 per square inch since the nineteen eighties
Throughout the years, one to five dollar price increments per square inch of Mishmountains by Mishibinijima was applied by international art manager during the nineteen - nineties and moved forward from there, I can't move backwards with incremental pricing after all, there's only 292 paintings created since 1992.

SEPTEMBER 1978-$7.00 per square inch - stayed.

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HOW MUCH MISHMOUNTAIN ORIGINALS ARE DONE IN A YEAR: A question was asked this afternoon "How much Mishmountain originals I do in the year" and told her the average is three paintings a year and very few in this world owns one, One thing I do know my next generation will have most of them. It came to point in life the only art style to paint is this and have no heavy intents publically showing them, there stored in crates and too much time wasted explaining them excluding my personal art collectors.

ART COMMISSION REFUSED: 54" x 5 ft. art commission on location would take me at least fourteen years to do and refuse it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Title:       HOME of the GREAT MANITOU
Medium: Acid Free Paper: Turner's Manitoulin Map: 1 - 7 Only
Size:        36" x  24" 

Title:       MANITOULIN: The Island of PEACE
Medium: Acid Free Paper: Turner's Manitoulin Map: 2  - 7 Only
Size:        36" x  24"         

Titled:      BEGINNINGS
Medium:  Acid Free Paper: Turner's Manitoulin Map: 3 - 7 Only
Size:         36"  x  24"       

Titled:       STRONG  HOLD
Medium:  Acid Free Paper: Turner's Manitoulin Map: 4 - 7 Only
Size:        36" x  24"    

Titled:        DEN of the GREAT MANITOU
Medium:    Acid Free Paper:  Turner's Manitoulin Map: 5 - 7 Only
Size:           36" x  24"          

Titled:       HOMESTEAD
Medium:  Acid Free paper: Turner's Manitoulin Island Map: 6 - 7
Size:          36" x  24"
Price:         SOLD

Title:         CANOE ROUTE and GUIDES
Medium:    Acid Free Paper:  Turner's Manitoulin Map:   7 - 7
Size:           36"  x  24"