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Mishibinijima's payment plan been around since 1980's for art collectors wishing to own Mishmountain original(s).
Payment concept includes no taxes and only discussion towards down and monthly payments suiting your lifestyle, it's all about investment.

Mishmountains by Mishibinijima and Native Art by Mishibinijima are completely two different art styles were Native Art by Mishibinijima was left at $7.00 per square inch in 1978 and still is today.
Art appraisers need to understand before making contact, if I painted stones along the base of Native Art by Mishibinijima which I do, this doesn't make Mishmountain original, Mishmountains are very recognisable.

Surprise telephone call this afternoon revealed a message from a long time Mishibinijima Art Representative wanting to plan solo art exhibition on the artist behalf and responded go ahead and plan it, Solo exhibition will happen sometime this fall in the Whitby, Ontario.

To pass owning this particular art style, you decided to count yourself out and please don't tell me sad stories.

HEALTH SCARE: My wife and I were heading for Michigan and told her this sore throat is a bit different deciding to stop by the hospital emergency. Once admitted and checked over I was admitted with Strep Throat and Pneumonia, my hospital stay lasted a week and this really tales the wind out of your sales.

Saturday, August 24, 2013



Ancient pictograph symbolisms were documented with a purpose on limestone, birch bark and dried animal hide. To study these symbols with the elders guidance allowed clarity towards today's humanity and the journey beyond. 
TREE MARKER - Ancient Anishinabe Pictograph revised by Mishibinijima.
A tree marker is a symbol that directs safe passage ways over the Great Lakes. These markers use to be all over "Bay of Thousand Islands" on Lake Huron, a duty given to them to point the right and safe passage when they were just tree saplings.
SACRED DWELLINGS - Ancient Anishinabe Pictograph revised by Mishibinijima.

This pictograph illustrates sacred dwellings or sacred lodges with Great Spirit Manitou within. A circle with a dot in the center represents spiritual presence in the old pictographs.  
GREAT SPIRIT - Ancient Anishinabe Pictograph revised by Mishibinijima

As it's noted above, a circle with a dot in the enter represents a spiritual presence of Great Manitou.
SACRED SMUDGING BOWL - Ancient Anishinabe Pictograph revised by Mishibinijima.

A smudging bowl brings sacred medicines into it, what you bring into it must be honorable.
THUNDER SPIRIT - Ancient Anishinabe Pictograph revised by Mishibinijima.

Thunder beings the main symbol that explains a great spirit coming from above, common name we hear is " Thunder Bird", why? When confrontation of these beings was established, they entered this world with the sound of Thunder entering our atmosphere. " higher beings."
SPIRIT WATCHING: Ancient Anishinabe Pictograph revised by Mishibinijima.

When the conscious mind speaks when wrongs are committed, we seem to look around and look for people who witnessed your wrong doings, presence of the great spirit every where and why you have the feeling someone seen you.
 BLACK THUNDER: Ancient Anishinabe Pictograph revised by Mishibinijima.

The ancient way this pictograph describe is a drawing of an eagle feather and myself, I revised the drawing by painting only it's shadow, I thought back in 1975, I'm offering respect and copyright to the first person who made this pictograph on limestone which represents the most sacred object in a sacred ceremony. 
SKIN OF MOTHER EARTH with BLACK THUNDER - Ancient Anishinabe Pictograph revised by Mishibinijima.

Skin of Mother Earth is a living organism connected to Black Thunder of Balance, within these two powerful symbols represents life which includes us. Were all connected to one main organism which is Mother Earth.
SKIN OF MOTHER EARTH with SACRED ANIMALS - Ancient Anishinabe Pictograph revise by Mishibinijima.

No one living being is more important to a blade of grass, what you do against creation is what you do to yourself. One earth, One life.


Mankind consciousness knows all life's equal, One day man will stray away from life's understandings about human survival, the more he strays, he finds out he stands alone and there's no animal around to teach him.

SKIN OF MOTHER EARTH and DAYS with SWEETGRASS: Ancient Anishinabe Pictograph revised by Mishibinijima.

Creation evolves from birth and same goes for Mother Earth and it's natural surroundings, to see and feel this connection, one needs to perform a sunrise ceremony using sweet grass as guidance, only then you'll see the life that stands before you, no man should stand above creation because we all came from it. 
DAY'S or FAMILY TREE REPRESENTATION: Ancient Anishinabe Pictograph revised by Mishibinijima.

We marked each day between the new and full moon for each season with a dot knowing changing seasons at the same time, tobacco pouches were tied to a string explaining how many grand children did the elder have before her passing.

SKIN OF MOTHER EARTH: Ancient Anishinabe Pictographs revised by Mishibinijima. 

Health warnings will fall unwarranted to mankind deeds to mother earth.
THUNDER BEINGS: Ancient Anishinabe Pictographs revised by Mishibinijima.

It was during the early 1970's where everyone involved in a sweat lodge ceremony conducted by a spider medicine man, to ask one question mid way through the ceremony. My question was: "Who or what is a Thunderbird." When these beings made contact on turtle island, Our people witnessed a giant sky ship that resembled allot like a bird that made sounds of thunder when it slowed down, "sound barrier broken." 
FOOTSTEPS: Ancient Anishinabe Pictographs revised by Mishibinijima.

Footsteps leave behind humanities journey towards the future, when there expressed in pictorial imaging of the pictograph, foot steps will accompany with a circle and a dot in the center representing the great spirit which means, it's very important mankind to walk spiritually to keep himself in check about "limitation in what he can do".  

TREE of LIFE: Ancient Anishinabe Pictographs revised by Mishibinijima

Tree of life represents everything that stands before you, to set you mind at balance offers understanding to life itself. Mentor and medicine man "Sam" offered this understanding by using the sacred smudge teaching this knowledge, each herb holds spiritual properties "for within" or "geographical landscape" that's around us.  My sacred circle of Mishmountain art collectors been shared some of this information in the last forty-six years, I can't personally offer more without getting a request, it's not my place to do so. Pictographs all stem from eleven herbs of the sacred smudge and once the mind at balance, these ancient writings will talk to you also. Who you bring into your own sacred circle is totally up to you, you have to judge who comes in and out because you have to know what are they bringing into your most inner circle. Over some months now, people are aware that Mishibinijima rid his cancer with sacred medicines and people just show themselves questions and can't help these people, because I don't know them.


First time experiencing hearing about pictograph was during my early childhood years through a legend shared by "Dominic".
These ancient writings are documented all over North America on animal hide, birch bark or stone.
My interests in searching these ancient documents pointed me to my north Ontario region.